Welcome to Damsel_Studio

Our Animation Demo Reel

our first preview of our original character of our short film "Crab Mentality" Kai.


Our Latest Technical Demo

this was quite a technical project capturing a 2d cell shaded style is quite difficult. We are always working on accuracy in details.  We are quite proud of what we have achieved in creating this demo of our favorite characters from TGFTOS manga.

*this was recently project was featured in blendernation

Realistic and mechanical characters

3d stylized Characters

3d Character Creation

VR chat and Vtuber character design and creation

Game assets, Vehicles and Prop modelling and texturing.

Realistic images

2d art and image manipulation

Xp-pen artist 24 pro Product review

We are grateful for being one of the few Filipino candidates selected for this program. thank you Xppen and Partners for supporting our CGI dreams